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Hi. I'm Norman Hurt. If you are suffering with nasty water in your household, or if you are a salesman of water treatment systems, this web site could very well be

the most important thing you'll ever read

about a commercially available product. In fact, it can change your life dramatically for the better, if you'll just read the pages and act on them with your best wisdom.

You'll notice in the above two menu selectors that this web site is devoted pretty much to selling Rainsoft Water Treatment Systems, rather than to my personal life. That's because, aside from tending to my daughter Ashley's needs, selling Rainsoft is what my life is all about. Here's why.

I hated My Nasty Water

In the late 1970's I lived in southeast Houston and detested the chlorine taste of the water the city supplied to my house. And, I never suspected that the chlorine level might be so high that it could in later years cause me to get cancer. Sure, the chlorine was intended to prevent bad germs from entering my home in the water supply and killing everybody in the house. But because we were close to the water supply, the chlorine level made the water taste horrible, and it made all of us stink as though we'd been in the municipal swimming pool all day. To make matters worse, I suffered from dry skin, my dishes and crystal were covered with water spots, and a calcium scale encrusted my plumbing fixtures and shower walls. It really was horrible, and I had no idea anything could be done about it other than scrub, hope, and pray.

Rainsoft to the Rescue

Then in 1982 a friend of mine cared about me enough to test my water, show me how soft, pure water tasted, smelled, felt, looked, and even sounded better than that hard, stinky Houston area water. And, naturally, he cared enough about me to let me purchase a Rainsoft water treatment system for my home. It has been in continuous operation since then and I've moved it four times. My skin is soft, my hair (what's left of it) is silky, and I look and smell clean because I am clean. I have no more water spots or calcium build up on my sinks, fixtures, and shower, and my dishes, crystal, mirrors, and windows are spotless, shiny, and streak-free. Best of all, I now enjoy drinking my water because it is delicious, crisp, and pure. It's the best. It's Rainsoft.

Now I Purvey Rainsoft Solutions

In 1984 I became a Rainsoft salesman, and I absolutely love this business I've been for over two decades. I've devoted a score of years of my life to learning about water, the problems bad water causes people in their households, and the importance of properly testing water and demonstrating solutions to homeowners. Over the years I have become an accomplished water specialist and salesman because I genuinely care about helping others.

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